Klonopin Dosage for Anxiety

If you are a victim of anxiety or seizures, there is a drug out there that can help. It is called Klonopin. It’s generic name is Clonazepam. What this prescription does is actuate the GABA (gamma-amunobutyric acid).

GABA controls the neurons that nerve cells utilize to fire up in the mind. Some health professionals believe that excessive activity in the mind can cause anxiety and seizures. The idea of using Klonopin is to calm the brain down so that a person can rest and operate without anxiety.

Clonazepam is prescribed on a temporary basis to calm down anxiety. It is also utilized for people who have seizures, especially petit mal seizures. Clonazepam can be used independendently or with some other prescriptions to assist control seizures.

When a physician recommends Klonopin to a patient, the klonopin dosage depends on the needs of the patient. Initially, Klonopin could be prescribed at 0.25 mg two times a day. The dose will be gradually raised to 1 mg daily after 3 days, if the doctor thinks it will be advantageous to the sufferer.

The physician will usually observe the patient and determine if the seizures are controlled or if the sufferer demonstrates any means of controlling the anxiety after the first two days of minor doses.

The most regular side effects of using Klonopin is sedation and lightheadedness. If a person demonstrates these symptoms, the doctor might make up the dosage smaller or recommend something else. Headaches can occur as well.

Prolonged use of Klonopin for more than a couple months could stimulate dependency on the medication. If the patient is taken off of the drug suddenly, the patient possibly could experience tremors, muscle cramping as well as vomiting. For this reason, the patient should be taken off of Klonopin gradually.

Anticonvulsant medications can occasionally stimulate self-destructive thoughts and suicidalactions, and therefore, anybody who is using this type of prescription should equilibrate the risk of this prescription with the clinical need of it.

If after taking Klonopin you have suicidal thoughts, stop taking the medication and telephone your physician, so your MD can ascertain an alternate method of handling your illness.